Ghost pour? diy kegbot

hello everyone. I am hoping someone can help me address my issues with ghost pours.
firstly, a little bit about my setup:
I have a rpi model 2 with an arduino sending the 2 sensors’ activity back to the rpi using somple wires and not cat-5 cabling. I believe theere are called "coasters"
because of the way that my fridge is built, the wiring has to go quite close to the compressor as I fished everything through the drain port.

I was wondering if there is a location where I can manually set a minimum limit to the amount to be considered a pour. As I never pour anything less than say 3 or more ounces, I would like to adjust the threshold so that the kegbot will discard anything below this.

thank you to all who input anything towards this topic.

happy drinking!

I had a similar issue so I modified the following file:


I then modified MIN_VOLUME_TO_RECORD = 10 to MIN_VOLUME_TO_RECORD = 30

probably won’t help in your case but
In the application on my tablet I can go to settings - kegerator - “minimum volume(ml)”

There is a place in the app to adjust that.

Also, you can add filters

Thanks! This seems to have solved my issue so far. Though I did have to adjust it way higher, 130 to be precise. It seems that because of the location, it was sending false pours as large as 4 oz.

Thanks to all who replied, your information is invaluable to the community!