Ghost Pours: KEGBOT_MIN_VOLUME_TO_RECORD server setting?

Hi all – I’m having a bunch of ghost pours and I see several historical threads suggesting there is a variable that can be set (KEGBOT_MIN_VOLUME_TO_RECORD) to only record pours greater than a certain size. However, this seems to have either been an Android app setting, or it was in a different python config file that no longer exists in the current structure. This location is mentioned in a few threads: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kegbot/pycore/

but I cannot find this anywhere in the docker images running.

I’m not using the Android app (webapp only). Can anyone explain a way to get this same filtering functionality using the web version?


It’s built into the docker image and there is no option to change that variable through the install script or docker-compose file.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can probably modify the live config file by doing something like the following. Replace the “30” with whatever value makes sense to you. 30ml is about an ounce.

cd ~/kegberry
docker exec -it `docker-compose ps | grep pycore | awk '{print $1}'` sed -ie 's/^MIN_VOLUME_TO_RECORD.*/MIN_VOLUME_TO_RECORD = 30/' /app/kegbot/pycore/

I’m having the same issue, still trying to figure out what is causing it, but it almost seems to relate to times when the fridge turns on. Going to try to plug my kegbot into another circuit. I sometimes get pours over 5oz.

I’m using the app, and set the config in the app and that seems to help, but now if anyone pours 4oz of beer it won’t be recorded.

I poked around my pi and found three instances of the config file, since I’m using the app I didn’t bother editingthese files.:
sudo find . -name -print

With such large ghost pours it sounds like you need to go through everything else from Troubleshooting Ghost Pours to try and limit as much EMI as possible.

I don’t have a perfect solution here but did make good progress by relocating my cabling. First I moved the data cable (ethernet) between the flow sensors and RPi to run around the side of the fridge instead of going under the bottom. Going under the bottom it seemed too close to the compressor and had a lot of problems.

After that I still had some infrequent issues, and the last change I made was to ensure the power cord for the fridge was separated from the entire path of the data cable as well. Since that time, I’ve not had any issues.

With all that said, since every situation is different, your best bet is definitely to review the link above from @e2r4.

@e2r4, Thanks for the input. Tried to make my install clean, so the kegboard is right next to the compressor. I went and pulled it out and placed it as far from the compressor as I can. I reset my min pour on the app back to default. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again.

Thanks for your input, I checked out e2r4’s link and am following that guide. I’ll keep this post updated, for starters I moved my kegboard as far as I can.

So far much better with the kegboard at is furthest possible point from the compressor.

I ordered some ferrite cores for my USB, CAT5 cable (wonder if I should use Cat6) and flow sensors. Going to slowly introduce them one at a time, tring to cleanly hide the kegboard.

Will keep updating.

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