GMail No Longer Working

Well Gmail used to work last time i used my kegbot a year ago and now it is no longer working. Anyone else use the email function and having issues with gmail?

figured it out. had to turn on “access for less secure apps” in gmail.


are you using kegberry? I am having an issue since I switched over with error 500 for anything email related.

I have mine running on Kegberry by installing Postfix and using it as a mail relay to gmail. Doing it this way I didn’t have to set anything to “less secure” in my gmail account.

You can just configure it as follows, and then in your Kegbot config file you can use your kegberry IP (or as the mail server.

EDIT: The one issue I had with the documentation above is the Thawte_Premium_Server_CA.pem file wasn’t in the certificates folder, so I had to download that with wget into /etc/ssl/certs/ first. Just cd to /etc/ssl/certs and run:


Thank you, I will give this a try! I have been messing around with my kegberry a bit since this is a new install, and I have found I can’t add a keg without getting the server error 500 as well, so email might not be my only issue.

using a VM server running Ubuntu