Hardware for sale?


Does anybody want to buy some Kegbot hardware? I’m on the fence about selling but thought I’d see what the interest was. Here’s what I’ve got.

  • 2012 Nexus 7 Tablet
  • 2 - Kegboard Pro Mini PCBs
  • 2 - Swissflow SF800 flow sensors
  • 2 - John Guest speed connector kits (1 set per flow meter)


What do you want for the kbpm, flow meters and connectors


Is the software loaded on the hardware and working as a complete fully functional system? If so I am interested. Cost?


If I did sell I’m thinking $200 for the boards/meters/connectors.


Well, the app is on the tablet and the system is fully functional. The back end is running on a Digital Ocean droplet and will be wiped (i.e. you will be responsible for deploying local or cloud back end for the setup). If I sold with the tablet I would probably ask $250. Just not sure if I’m ready to sell yet as I’m sure I will be kicking myself if I do.


Is this still available? Interested in everything except for the tablet!


I would sell the boards/meters/fittings for $160. Btw, it’s extremely odd that I hadn’t thought about selling this gear off for months, until yesterday… :slight_smile: