Hardware from KegStop

Hey Everyone,
We have some extra brand new hardware for sale. We ran KegStopStore for a while but just shutting it down so we have extra inventory. Please let me know if you want anything.

1 - Kegboard $60
1 - Arduino Duemilanove - $40
3 - Flow meter boards / Coaster Boards - $20
17 - Flow meters - $60


I need 2-3 Flow meters for a 3 setup. I purchased a kegboard from you last September. If you can let me know your email to reach out I’d appreciate it.


[email protected]
No, problem. Just email me and we can get those out to you.

Are these still available? I have a single tap kegerator I need to get setup. Will the Kegboard work with Kegberry installation? If so, I’m definitely interested.