Having issues with SF800 sensors install

After watching a friend go through with his kegbot install, it was time to jump in and do it myself. I have 2 kegboards, but for the moment only hooking one up to 2 SF800 flow sensors, and a temperature sensor as well (temp is working fine!).

Now the issue I am having is that the LEDs for the tx and rx do not flicker as you would expect when I blow into the SF800 sensors. There is the occasional blip, but nothing that you would expect. First thought was the wiring was the issue. I wire up everything with molex connectors joining the sensors, with the connection to the kegboard plugging into an RJ45 cable which connects to a wired RJ45 keystone. I have re-wired everything, wired the SF800 direct to an ethernet cable, still no flickering. I have used a multimeter to test wires, it shows voltage coming through where required at all connection points, as well as through the pulse line (is that meant to occur consistently?).

Flow0 and Flow1 show up in the app, I have deleted and resinstalled apps and controllers. Tried a heap of things but to no avail.

Any further troubleshooting ideas? The temp graph is working well, it’s all theoretically ready to go but before I put the sensors into the beer lines I want to be sure they will work!

i know you said you check your wiring and i don’t want to insult your intelligence but you did flip the connections on the second metre correct?

the link below has some information that may help.

also does the kbpm work if 1 metre is attached

I am pretty certain of the wiring. I tried even wiring a flow sensor direct to the kbpm to an ethernet cable, so only one was connected and nothing else between and still no dice. I’ve had the temp sensor connected all night and it is reporting fine, it’s the flow sensors that are worrying me as nothing is being transmitted. I’ve blown through them, poured water through them, swapped connections, hard wired etc.

Looked at the post, and the wires are all good as per the documentation there.

I will have my mate try the flow sensor in his setup and see if that works, otherwise could be after replacement sensors.

Update, I took Mitch’s sensors and attached them to my kegbot. After re-wiring them on mine it appears he had Power and Ground the wrong way around… The assumption was the red wire on the sensors was power when it actually means wire one (Ground)

Mocking has ensued.


swissflows are definitely weird like that (red=gnd)… glad y’all figured it out!