Help Installing Kegbot Server in an Unraid docker

Hey all, I’ve been running kegbot on my pi for about a year now and have chewed through three sd cards… so 3 fresh installs/setups… annoying. Instead of posting nightly sd images to the cloud I thought I’d try to set kegbot up on another system. I’ve chosen unRaid for another… project… so I’d like to try to get Kegbot running in docker!

Unraid and docker are all quite new concepts to me but I’ve managed to set up quite a bit of different things on the server using tutorials and templates. I was excited to see that Kegbot and docker produced some hits on a search but I’ve found nothing that’s been able to help get this show on the road.

Has anyone here had success with this that would be willing to help point me in the right direction?

So far I’ve tried cramming the github and docker hub urls in to the docker setup, which seemed way too easy. Probably why it didn’t work. I’m pretty sure I’m quite literally at step one of this process.