Help with Arduino and SF800


Sorry to bother you, Im struggling a bit with getting my SF800 hooked up to the arduino, as i am absolutely clueless to the breadboard and resistor values stated on the scematics, i seek help. I see that the Power should have 50 Ohm/V resistor and the ouls should have a 2200ohm resistor, from what i have seen, a lot of people use 250 ohm on the power, and serial connect 1K resistors for the pulse. have any of you guys managed to get this working. Ive been scratching my head and other parts to no avail… It`s working fine when i do not use the resistors and go straight from arduino to Flowmeter… how important is the resistors? could i use it without??

hope some one could help a brother out with a explanation / picture of how to get this done.

best regards



Did you ever get resolution to this? I just got mine working and would be happy to help where I could.