How do I delete an erroneous keg?

I think this is partially my fault, but somehow I have added 2 kegs of the same beer type and I CANNOT figure out how to delete the duplicate? (BTW: I think I added the keg first and then toggled to the ‘Beer Types’ and added a new beer type without refreshing the list first and hence why I now have the duplicate keg).

Anyway, should there not be a ‘Delete’ button somewhere on the ‘Keg Edit’ page to delete the second erroneous keg?

As I cannot delete it or edit the name of the beer (to re-attach it to a different beer type) the only option I see is to activate it and then go to ‘Taps’ and ‘End Keg’, but in either case there will be a bogus keg showing in my kegs list.

Can anyone shed some light on how to fix this?
Tks… :smile:

As I understand it, that is not an option with the current server…

A fix has just been submitted for this as part of issue #295. It will appear in v1.1.1.

(which is now released :wink: )

Awesome!!! Worked like a charm after I upgraded the server to v1.1.1. … Thanks Mikey… :smile:

As this started with me not correctly setting up a new keg, what is the sequence that I should follow each time to replace the ‘old’ keg with a ‘new’ keg on a tap so it does not cause duplicates? Perhaps this procedure was already covered somewhere but if not, I’m sure it would help others too.

Tks guys.