How many taps per Keg Coaster?

I’m ashamed to ask this question as I can’t get a second tap working off of a keg coaster I built. Do I need a Keg Coaster per flow meter? I’m looking at the schematics and I see flow_a and flow_b listed for the the two screw terminals. I can get the tablet to recognize the flow of the flow_a but not flow_b.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

No, the coaster exposes both just like you expect. Perhaps the problem is elsewhere; have you tried swapping meters between the inputs?

Ya I’ve tried it with 6 meters that I have. On the kegboard itself I know there is a Test A and Test B pin. Trying to figure out how to use those. I think I’ll just order two minis and be done with this hack :smile: unless you have a board coming out soon that will support more than one tap with temps! :smirk:

Hmm, I don’t remember what test A/B do :wink: – tho I’m guessing these are the test pulse output, if so you can short it directly to the meter input to generate “fake” activity.

Plenty of others have routed 2 taps to a coaster so it’s probably something simple that’s wrong (maybe they’ll chime in and help).

Well, I can’t discourage that. If you can’t tell, to ease the support burden we try to push people towards a standard config… and it supports a good cause :smile:

Hence my question about using my current three pin meters, I’d hate to have to repurchase all of those again, kinda pricey!