How to build a DIY kegboard?

Since the kegbot store is sold out, is there somewhere in the forum or other location that gives good directions on how to build a DIY kegboard? The DIY Arduino link on this page is broken -

Looks like the link is supposed to be

Did you ever build one and if so how did it turn out? Not sure if I can just use the arduino and flash or need a to build a kegboard

I have recently started to create the DIY project but they have updated the boards and I have been trying to figure some it out I purchased the PCB boards from OHshark and have the coasters and the main board. On the coasters I noticed two different spots for something and I cant seem to read it and cant seem to find anything about it. I am not sure if anyone could help me reference what it is and hopefully they might update some more information for the boards for the DIY’s since the site doesn’t have a store anymore.

So I finally got around to building my kegboard following these instructions - A few questions now that I have it built.

  1. Do I need to plug it into an arudino for it to work? If I do that do I even need a kegboard? There seem to be some new posts saying you only need the arduino, a flowmeter and a tablet.

  2. Is there an article that tells you how to make the RJ-45 connected flow meter? I bought one on amazon but it has a very short wire and none of the fittings listed on the build documentation.

Thanks in advance. This hardware stuff is all new territory for me.