How to get PCB and Other Questions!

Hi All,

I’m looking into setting up a KegBerry system at my office (we currently have 3 taps set up across 2 kegerators) but since it looks like I came a few weeks late for the pre-built hardware it looks like I’m doing this myself!

I took some electrical/computer engineering classes in college (nothing major but enough to know the basics of circuits and soldering). I’ve never done a true DIY project before so I have some super basic questions.

Basically I would like to know:
I see the parts list but what I don’t see is the actual PCB board that I need. I’m assuming that since the schematics are listed that I need to have one made? Is there a good site I can use to have that done? What are my options?

I’ve got 3 taps so I know I’ll need at least 2 boards and 3 flow meters (assuming the boards support 2 taps each), should I just build 3 boards?

Lastly, what is a coaster? I see the build guide but I don’t know what the full Arduino board does that the coaster does not. Can you help me understand that better?