HowTo: Backup & Migrate Kegbot Server

Backup and Restore was first implemented in Kegbot Server 0.9.25. These instructions assume the user has Kegbot Server 0.9.25 or greater installed. These instructions are valid for users who would like to migrate instances (Kegberry, Kegbot Server, Puppet, OVA, etc), change machines, or upgrade an existing SQLite install (no longer supported) to a MySQL install.

Backup Through Web Interface

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Other -> Export Data
  2. Click Export. The export function may take some time to complete depending on length of history
  3. Once complete, there will be a new row available under Saved Backups

Backup Through Terminal

  1. Within your kegbot environment, invoke command kegbot backup and wait for confirmation

Location of Backup File

  • The backup file will be located in your kegbot-data/media directory under subfolder backups
  • If you’re planning on migrating Kegbot Server by deleting the old install, be sure to transfer this backup file to a safe place in the interim.

Restore from Backup (Terminal Only)

  1. Within your kegbot environment, invoke command kegbot erase. Be sure your latest backup file is available and saved in a safe place before running this command!
  2. Terminal will ask to verify the command. Type ERASE
  3. To restore, simply type kegbot restore /path/to/