Idle tablet looses connection to flow sensors

I’ve had this issue from the start and I’m just out of ideas on how to solve it. Running on a Nexus 7 and after its been sitting idle for a while it will loose connection to the sensors. At that point the only way to get it to start registering pours again is to disconnect the USB cable and plug it back in. I’ve tried installing separate applications to keep everything active thinking it was some sort of sleep setting but I’m still not finding any luck. Its a kegbot for the office so by the time I realize its not tracking properly, its done a lot of pours.

It’s a problem that I’ve noticed too. Allowing the tablet to not go into sleep.mode seems to help a bit. Are you running a single tap? Or multiple through a USB hub?

Its two taps through a USB hub, the sensors aren’t loosing power because when they are reconnected they over credit the next pour. I’m preventing the tablet from going into sleep mode, but I’m wondering if something is still shutting down that connection. Is there anything that can specifically keep USB connections active?

There has been some discussion on the forum regarding this same issue. There hasn’t been a solution that anyone has posted yet. I might recommend trying a different tablet (one with a full usb port and dedicated power supple) if you have access to one. If that helps please let us know. I have a hunch the rooting the nexus might have something to do with it.

I have noticed some strangeness with the tablet since rooting it. Nothing crazy but little things like it doesn’t register that its charging even though it is. I’ve tried reimaging it a few times but get the same results. Unfortunately another tablet isn’t available unless I can convince my boss to buy one. Any good recommendations on one with separate USB and power supply that still supports NFC?