Images dropping off randomly

I’ve been running kegbot for a while now, have recently set it all back up in a new keezer. I have never noticed it before but have just setup a raspberry pi with a browser in kiosk mode to run the full screen and standard browser view on rotation. The images seem to just randomly not show, I noticed it on the tablet now as well. Seems a server side issue. I use a loopback NAT for the address so could be related to network or the PC I have the kegbot server running on. Anyone seen this before?

I’ve definitely seen issues with images after updating the kegbot server url in Make sure the parameter KEGBOT_BASE_URL is correctly configured to an address that would be accessible to anyone accessing the server. If you’re just displaying locally, I think ‘localhost’ should work but may be safe to set the base url to the IP address.

It seems intermittent, URL is right and accessible from outside.

I’m going to rebuild the server to run on a pi anyway. Seems a waste to run a full desktop pc for such a lightweight service. Hopefully it resolves itself with the rebuild

Thanks Johnny!

@johnnyruz it may have been a performance or network issue as I haven’t noticed it again for some time. Waiting on a pi 3 A+ to migrate my installation to anyway but thought I’d update here.


Thanks for the update, that’s very interesting. What type of Pi are you running now and I’m just curious as to why you would go with an A+ vs. a 3B+ or the new Pi4? Maybe there’s something I should know!

It has similar performance to the 3b but is about half the price!

This was fixed with a new install @johnnyruz

Sounds good! The A+ I believe has have the RAM (512MB vs. 1GB) but for what Kegbot server is asked to do the A+ I believe is more than enough assuming it’s the only use. I’ve just checked my 3B that’s running my production Kegbot server and the “top” command actually shows its using like 900MB of the 1GB, but it may be one of those situations where MySQL or another process just tries to grab as much as it can. I’ll have to look more into it but it should be good. At some point I’ll have to load Kegbot up on a RPi4 4GB just to see what happens.

Seems to be fine so far!

Awesome!! My 3B has all the sudden started to have some issues (memory constantly at like 90%, network dropping randomly, etc.).

I’m working on some other stuff through the end of this week but then I’m really going to try to get a one-line install going that works on all OS versions (Jessie, Stretch, Buster) and then see how it performs on a Raspberry Pi 4.