Images randomly disappear

I had a Kegberry working a couple of years ago but never put it into production. I’m finally getting an opportunity to go live and had to rebuild my raspberry pi. I’m new to docker so it took me a bit to get it working.

I’ve got it all working, rfid,flow sensors and relay switches. My problem is my tap images disappear randomly from the adroid tablet. Can’t figure out why but navigating around the picture eventually reappear. In my old set up there was a config file where you specify KEGBOT_BASE_URL and fixed it then. I can’t find that config file. Any ideas?

Poking around the admin portal and my images are broken there too. I assume there is no config file and Ineed to edit the ENV variables in docker, I’m new to dockers, is KEGBOT_BASE_URL still a setting in this new build?

Btw still running old android app, my tablet is a bit old.



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Are you referring to the image of the beer? And if so, is it coming up as just one of the the default keg images like this:

If that is the case, I think there is a minor bug which should be fixed soon.

Thanks for response. I see the problem with uploaded pictures I.e. beer labels and photos taken. It seems to happen on android app. My home screen which shows the two taps sometime looses beer label image.

When it happened on raspberry pi it showed up as a broken image.

I’ll keep monitoring.

I had this issue too, rebuild fixed it and I haven’t had the issue since.

I’m having the same issue with a new installation. From what I can tell, you can still set the base url in your docker-compose file.

Like this:
image: kegbot/server:latest
restart: always
- ‘8000:8000’
- /home/pi/kegberry/data:/kegbot-data
- /tmp
- /var/tmp
KEGBOT_REDIS_URL: ‘redis://redis:6379/0’
KEGBOT_DATABASE_URL: ‘mysql://kegbot_dev:[email protected]/kegbot_dev’

However, even after doing this, the images do randomly drop out. This can be ‘solved’ for me by just continuing to refresh the page, and eventually they work, however not consistently.

If there are debug logs I could send that would help pinpoint the problem, please let me know and I can look. I’m brand new to the system so I’m still figuring out how everything is supposed to work. Very cool software, thank you to the devs who write & maintain it!

This may help in debugging where in the code something needs to change. I’ve noticed that when the images fail to load, this is the image URL that is attempting to be loaded:


The issue is that for this part of the code, it’s not obeying the base_URL in the docker-compose file. Or perhaps I need to add another configuration parameter elsewhere. Help appreciated if anyone knows where this can be edited.

Edit… the below suggestion didn’t work either… going to need help from the devs or someone who understands the code better to see where the settings need to be changed to make sure the BASE_URL is applied consistently.

Hi @Richpuch - I think I figured out the problem. Try adding a local configuration file here:

*~/kegberry/data *

nano kegbot.cfg


The example in my case is:


Since I’ve done that, (so far at least), the random failure load seems to be fixed.

Ok… I think I have fixed this for real this time. In addition to setting the base URL as I had above, you also have to change the default for the API in the docker compose file. It’s been working consistently for the last day since I added this.

  KEGBOT_API_URL: 'http://YOUR_URL:YOUR_PORT:8000/api/'

The original is:
KEGBOT_API_URL: ‘http://kegbot:8000/api/