Images STILL do not display on the Internet

My Kegbot is running on an Ubuntu 12.04 desktop (on a local Windows NT 2003 network) and after some configuration, I can now see the Kegbot on the Internet, but all images still do NOT display???

I managed to display the Kegbot on the web last year (see my old post on the old forum here: but didn’t have time to get into the Dynamic DNS until now and the problem still persists.

This is what I have done so far:
1.) Configured Ubuntu to use port 8080 instead of just 80 (since my ISP blocks port 80 and I cannot see the Ubuntu from outside my local network)
2.) Used port forwarding in my router and changed to port 8080
3.) and just recently configured Dynamic DNS (using to access my Ubuntu box via a hostname (as suggested in the old post).

But I am STILL having the same problem, albeit now I can access my Kegbot from the outside using a hostmane rather than an external IP address.

NOTE: When I changed the KEGBOT_BASE_URL to use the Dynamic DNS Hostname (instead of the external IP Address), I noticed that on the local network (including the Ubuntu box) the pages were trying to access the external ISP IP address, and hence why the images were again not displaying.

As I said in my old post:
"… when is change the kegbot_base_url variable and set it to a local IP, I can see the images fine on my LAN (but not on the Internet). When, on the other hand, I change the kegbot_base_url to my ISP dynamic IP address, I can then see the images on the Internet (but NOT on my LAN) because the dynamic IP’s are now attached to the image files when I check the page source… "

So, again, the only solution here seems to be to change the image links to use href= rather than src= in all the pages (as I noted in the old post), but if anyone had any other ideas on how I can get my configuration setup so that I can see the images from both on the local network and on the internet, it would be much appreciated… :smile:

Thanks for any help.

P.S.: I’m still using Kegbot version 1.1.1 because when I try to upgrade to the latest, I keep getting a “502 Bad Gateway Error…” after the installation and reboot…???

Have you tried serving up a standard page with an image through nginx (not kegbot) to see if the problem is kegbot or not? It should be pretty easy to drop a standard index.html in the default nginx www folder that has an img link to a picture.

For the 1.1.1 issue, what do your nginx logs say when you get the gateway error? I recall having some issues on that upgrade as well that required some massaging.

And I guess to make sure, you have debugging mode off, right?

Regarding the 502 when you upgrade, I had the same issue on my digital ocean server. The fix is easy and only requires an edit to the kegbot.conf file. A lot of people were having issues so I made a video for step by step instructions.


  1. Yes, the image is displayed when I tested it on a sample page. (created a test.html with a in /usr/share/nginx/www). FYI: when I looked at the source file, it did NOT have the IP appended to the image (as I mentioned in my old post) and therefore the image seemed to display fine.

  2. Yes, my debug mode if off, and

  3. Actually, I don’t get a bad gateway error anymore (I get an “Internal Server Error”) after the upgrade. Sorry… my bad… :smile: I had to update kegbot again to get the latest message. But the bottom line is: the /var/log/nginx/error.log file is empty???

Thanks for your suggestion and I’m sure this works for people running kegbot on a digital ocean server but when I tried updating the kegbot.conf on mine, it failed also. I think partly because even the paths were completely different than what mine has.

Just and FYI:
When I originally installed kegbot, I used an Ubuntu 12.04 desktop to run the database on. I had a spare Windows machine so I made it a duel boot and now if I need to make a backup of Kegbot, I reboot, get into Windows and simply make a copy of the LARGE ubuntu directory (17.5GB) before upgrading. If something goes wrong with the upgrade, I just go back to Windows and make another copy. It’s kind of cheezy but it works and I can always go back to the last working version of kegbot.

Also, I have been running this for some time now so I have a bunch of data in it (users, kegs, beer types, etc.) that I don’t want to loose if I switch to digital ocean. Makes sense?

Anyway, any other suggestions how to fix the update problem and/or the image not displaying on the Internet?

Thanks and cheers…