Installing Kegbot Server on Mac: storage_engine error

I’m using the Install Guide at and have been able to brew install the dependencies, set up and activate my virtual environment, create the mysql database, and verify that redis is running.

When I try to run, I get this error:
django.db.utils.OperationalError: (1193, "Unknown system variable 'storage_engine'")
ERROR: Command returned non-zero exit status (1)

Any ideas for how I can get past this? I am able to see a ~/.kegbot/ file that is generated by but I can’t tell what wasn’t completed due to the error above.

I figured out my own issue. Apparently, storage_engine has been replaced with default_storage_engine in MySQL, deprecated as of v5.7.5. I had to edit my /data/kb/bin/ file to replace storage_engine with default_storage_engine at line 369.

Documentation about mysql storage_engine variable:

The recommended Homebrew method installed mysql v5.7.14 (in September 2016), so I suspect this will be a common problem for anyone trying kegbot setup from now on.

Thankyou for this, helped me out on a new build to replace the RPi.

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I joined just to say thank you. This was driving me nuts (and I do a little linux work normally).

For anyone else on Linux (not sure where on Mac), the is located at /usr/local/bin directory. Simply “sudo nano -c” (or vim, etc.) and modify as wangela has it.

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