Just Curious If Anyone Still Lurks Here Daily

Curious to see how many of you are still out there from the pre-KBPM days. I had help from several of you and used to come here daily. After the kickstarter I kinda felt like things got a little weird and I stayed away for awhile. Anybody still lurking on a regular basis?

I come back from time to time. You should hop on the IRC channel #kegbot on irc.freenode.net if your looking for real time support, or friendly discussion.

I am on here daily, though I didn’t own a kegbot before the kick starter. After the kick start I think a lot of us who bought in we’re expecting something that was total plug and play. It took me some time and frustration to get everything hammered out. Most people seem unwilling to take the time to basically teach themselves Linux commands and how to troubleshoot the equipment. I think a lot of people didn’t understand that it was open source and DIY. The vibe on this forum did get a little negative lately, and I think that had turned away some of the older members. I think that has also served to burn @mike out a little as he isn’t around as much anymore. That’s a shame b/c he was very helpful at getting me up and running.

maybe on once a month

I still lurk :slight_smile: … I hope today’s announcement clears some things up, I’m looking forward to participating more but I no longer have the kind of time I once had for Kegbot. I’m hoping to inject some new life into the forum soon!

I take a look at the weekly digest to see if there’s anything that I missed or could have helped with. After missing the Nexus 7 4.x missing kangaroo kernel download messages for months, I felt pretty crappy for not keeping up. Mike helped me out with tons of stuff out of the gates (mostly self inflicted problems), and I try to at least look for low hanging fruit type questions to answer.

Of course, I bought a post KS KBPM, but I did put together a coaster on my own. I probably would have gone the arduino route if the KBPM wasn’t around when I found this project.