KBPM 1wire iButton issue


I’ve got 3 KBPM’s running a total of 5 taps. I’ve had this running for about 9 months without any issues. I just purchased a onewire ibutton reader and a 10 pack of ibuttons. I followed the pinout diagrammed on [https://kegbot.org/docs/kbpm-owners-manual/specs/] and connected the reader to ground and GP1. When I tap an ibutton to the reader nothing happens so I have a few questions:

  • What’s the best way to verify the KBPM sees the reader correctly?
  • Do I need to flash the KBPM to a new version to make this work?
  • Should I see activity in a log file somewhere, even it it doesn’t know the ibutton?
  • If an unregistered ibutton is scanned what happens? Nothing, or does it prompt to associate with a user?


There is a bug in the official firmware release which stops the iButton working. Mike may be able to send you a version with this corrected.

If an unused iButton is scanned you get a popup on the tablet asking which user you would like to assign it to.