KBPM - iButton (LEDs and Buzzer)


I currently have two KBPM and want to add a buzzer so the my fellow buddies know when their iButton pass has worked. How/where do I connect the LEDs and/or buzzer to the KBPM?

Many thanks.


Posting for others as I guess you’ll have figured this out:

See here for adding iButton. Not sure about LEDs. Won’t work out of the box but you can wire it into a RJ45 plug. Wire the output to pin 3 and the ground to pin5. Depending on how many other things you are using it might be worth making a small board to connect everything and then running a wire between this and the KBPM. The other option is to use and Arduino (1-2 taps = Uno, 1-6 taps = Mega).

Hope this might be helpful for someone as the documentation can be a bit of a maze!

Edit - link