Keezer For Sale - Rustic/Western - Texas - $2200

Any questions, feel free to contact me! I’m located in West Texas and keezer would need to be picked up

Two taps + kegbot hardware included

That thing is beautiful. That’s a steep price. I hope you get what you are asking.

Appreciate it man! Trust me a lot more than 2200 went into this thing.

Keezer comes with:

  1. freezer (custom lid + rolling base and tin cover)
  2. two black iron beer towers
  3. two stainless steel taps + tail pieces
  4. Two sanke kegs + sanke keg taps
  5. Two corney kegs + ball locks
  6. CO2 gas tank
  7. 4-way gas manifold
  8. Gas lines
  9. All of my Kegbot equipment (two flow meters & two kegbot minis) + Nexus 7 tablet and charger
  10. Nexus 7 tablet mount
  11. USB 4 way split
  12. Hand full of other things

Like I said, I’d be happy to answer any questions - Also open to offers!

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This is an old forum so I’m reaching out on a limb here. I’m building a keezer very similar to yours and was wondering if you had any advice on where to buy the metal pipe you used for your taps. Any help would be greatly appreciate! I’d like to go bigger diameter, maybe 3 it 4". Thanks!

Hey there Tareeves!
Chances are, you won’t find that kind of hardware at any of your major commercial hardware stores. I was lucky enough to find a local plumbing/pipe shop that had a huge selection. I also found a lot of the piping was available online… Just be ready to break out the checkbook for the larger stuff. I’m pretty sure that each one of those towers ran me damn near $100 bucks.

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here’s a complete list of what you need,

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I realize this is an old thread but. I was wondering if the OP had any build photos. I am building something very similar and wanted to see how this was built out.