Kegberry does not recognize controller

Hi, looking for a bit of assistance.

Kegboard pro with fresh installed/setup kegberry image on raspberry pi.

I know the kegboard works as it detects the controller fine on my nexus 7, however I was under the impression you could connect the controller directly to the raspberry pi via usb? When I do, nothing shows up under the controller section of the web admin console (it does show that that the pi recognized that the kegboard was connected when I run dmesg on the pi).

Any thoughts?

Sorry for the delay –

Kegberry automatically installs a new controller when one is detected – at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. If you’re still having trouble and you’ve tried unplugging + plugging the board in once or twice, please let us know!

I am still having this issue. I have un-plugged and re-plugged innumerable times.