Kegberry restore from backup problems

I’m a complete novice at Linux but I’m trying to restore from a backup on my Rpi, and at first, all I got after typing the restore command as instructed (kegbot restore /mypathandfilename) was "-bash: kegbot: command not found"
I found some commands in the forum that fixed that problem and now I get “AssertionError: Unsafe to extract ZIPs in this Python version”

I’ve seen others with the same issue but nothing that said how they fixed it.

Any help would be appreciated.

-start rant-
Creating and retrieving the backup was just as difficult. I used the web interface to create it, but the download button just gave me a “forbidden” message. I discovered that the entire backup folder was locked down and had no read or write permission. I had to unlock the folder before I could copy the file to my computer. It seems that everything I try with my kegbot server is far more complicated and difficult than it should be. Not one command in any of the documentation or knowledge base works as instructed without running some other undocumented command first to set up some sort user or environment. Everything is documented assuming the user is a Linux expert or administrator. I’m getting extremely frustrated with my kegbot and am about to throw the whole thing out the window. In my opinion the entire need for a server is ridiculous and more effort should be put into adding capability and features into the tablet app. I know you can use the tablet app as a stand-alone solution, but there are so many missing features that I consider essential, such as displaying images of the beers that are on tap, that it is not an acceptable product. I don’t understand why simple interface items like that aren’t available in the app. I don’t need or care about email and twitter notifications. Honestly, if I had realized during the Kickstarter campaign that a server would be needed for full functionality and that the tablet app would be so limited (unlike what was promised), I wouldn’t have bought one. Just to get it working with two taps, I had to root my tablet, assemble a “coaster”, and set up a server. It’s just too damn complicated. I have several home-brewing friends with kegerators that I’m sure would love to have Kegbots, but as it is, I can’t recommend it to any of them because they aren’t tech savvy enough to even get it close to working. I also don’t understand why you don’t sell rooted tablets with the KBPM kit.
-end rant-

This post should help you with your Zip issue. Restore from Backup issues

Basically if you unzip the backup and then point the restore to the directory instead of a zip file.

As for the issue of “-bash: kegbot: command not found”, I assume that you were not in the virtual environment prior to running the kegbot command.

-start rant-
This is an open source project which means that support comes from the community. If you are going to throw the kegbot out the window, can you throw it into my window?
-end rant-

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try. Also, thank you for validating my point. Nowhere in any of the documentation does it say that you need to be in the “virtual environment” (or how to do that) before any of the “kegbot” commands will work. Would it be so effing hard to add those command lines to the documentation?

actually it does. well in the forum post about server version 1.2 anyway…