Kegberry won't display any beer images

My kegberry display will only display the default image for the beer, as soon as I try to change it to a label that I make it only shows a small X.
This has only started happening since I changed the “DEBUG = True” to “DEBUG = False”, will kegberry only display my own images if the debug is set the true.

I’m having the same issue. Did you manage to find a fix?
Think I might be getting somewhere with this. I connect to my server on 192.168.1.xx but image URLs are localhost/xxx etc. while all other links are 192.168.etc

edit 2:
Fixed it - Add a base url which will force links to use the 192 address rather than localhost.

If you’re just going to use this on local network then at you LAN IP address. If you want to access it from outside your local network then add your IP address/URL.

Submitted issue #334

My rpi stopped working so I started all over again with an rpi 2 and im not having this issue anymore. I wasnt able to figure it out before my rpi stopped working unfortunately.