Kegboard Arduino shield + coaster meters not showing up

Mike - or anyone else that can help,

I bought the kegboard arduino shield and coaster you had sold a while back and I populated them myself. Was working great but I haven’t used it in 1year+. I just built a new keg server on digital ocean, flashed the arduino with the newest software from github, and installed the latest app. Everything seems to be working fine with the server itself and the functionality of the app seems to be working correctly. However, when I go to edit a tap and assign a flow meter - none are showing as connected/available.

When I plug in my arduino/kegboard to the tablet, it plays the tones and the power indicator comes on. When I look, the kegboard coaster is showing it has power as well. What would be my best option for troubleshooting this? What logs can I check?

Sorry, it’s been a while - trying to pick back up some of the knowledge I previously had on this.


Just to add to this - if I connect the USB from Kegboard to my PC and use the serial monitor on the arduino software - I see temp sensor data (from board and coaster) and I can also see flow data. Also if I use the test pin I can see flow data. It appears to be something with the app/tablet or possibly they latest Kegboard firmware - but I’m not seeing any errors really in the catlog.

Any ideas on what I can look for in the logs, or how I can troubleshoot this?


My Kegboard shield has always been on an Arduino Duemilanove. As a troubleshooting step, I swapped it out for an Arduino Uno, flashed the firmware, and powered it up - Everything is now working perfectly fine.

Any reason why an Arduino Uno would work but an Arduino Duemilanove wouldnt work with the newest Kegboard code? Both run on an Atmenga 328. It was always working previously (last flashed a little over a year ago).


Hi - I am not sure of this is the same issue I was seeing earlier this year but it was resolved here: and here:

Take a look, hopefully it will help you out.

Thanks Grendel. That definitely looks like my issue.

I’ll look into using set-Kegboard-serialnumber. I’m assuming that’s on my kegbot server install on digital ocean.

it is not a server component. these utils are run on your local machine withe the arduino and shield connected via USB. See and for more info