Kegboard-particle RFID implementation

Hi Mike,

I had an RFID-RC522 board (like this) laying around and I was able to successfully connect it to a Photon and read RFID cards using the Particle MFRC522 library.

I’d be willing to take a whack at adding this to the Kegboard-Particle codebase if that would be helpful.

Looking at the auth_token message from Serial Protocol, it looks like you’d want to see the following:

  1. Device Name (I suggest “rfidp” to distinguish it from the Arduino “rfid”, but your call)

  2. Token (string of 8 hex bytes read from the rfid device)

  3. Status (“present” or “removed” or something else of your choosing)

  4. Optional Timestamp (sting in ISO8601 format)

So, a typical session would look like this:

kb-status: rfidp.token=F1E2D3C4 rfidp.status=present rfidp.ts=2016-09-26T13:15:30Z
kb-status: meter0.ticks=115 meter1.ticks=164 meter2.ticks=0 meter3.ticks=0
kb-status: meter0.ticks=115 meter1.ticks=168 meter2.ticks=0 meter3.ticks=0
kb-status: meter0.ticks=115 meter1.ticks=436 meter2.ticks=166 meter3.ticks=138
kb-status: meter0.ticks=115 meter1.ticks=436 meter2.ticks=166 meter3.ticks=140
kb-status: rfidp.token=F1E2D3C4 rfidp.status=removed rfidp.ts=2016-09-26T13:16:15Z

Please respond with any changes or suggestions and let me know if you want me to proceed.


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