Kegboard Pro Mini Not Picking Up FT-330-RJ Activity

Hi all, I’m stumped with an issue here and I’m hoping some of you might have some ideas.

It looks like my kegboard pro mini is not picking up any activity from my FT-330-RJ. I have confirmed that the flow is going the correct way and have tested it with both using a little bit of air and also some water to see if it registers any activity. The power LED is on, the ‘listening’ LED is on, but no LED blinking activity is occurring indicating that pours are being registered.

Does anyone have any ideas around how to troubleshoot this? It used to work just fine for multiple kegs. Is there a tool or something out there that will allow me to plug my FT-330-RJ into the ethernet port on my PC to test whether it’s the meter or kegboard itself?



If you pull the tap handle does it move to the pour screen? If so follow my instructions on this page

Thanks Joshua. I ended up putting the meter in a little bit of PBW and it cleared it right up! It was a bit misleading before. I could blow through it and pour water through it but it was really clogged the whole time. I didn’t realize the meter had such a distinct ‘whirr’ when working normally. I’m having other issues now but that’s for a different topic.

Thanks for your help regardless.