Kegbot Accessibility / Regulation Capabilities

Hello, I wanted to verify if Kegbot is capable of the following:

  1. Can you limit the number of pours a user can have on a per user basis?
  2. Can you regulate the day of week upon which each individual can pour a beer?
  3. Can you set the amount of liquid in ounces each pour can be on a per user basis?
  4. Can you setup an alpha / numeric pass code system for accessing pours instead of the key card system then have users enter their pass code via the touch screen on the Android?

Thanks in advace,
Justin Rampy

The features you are talking about are not natively included in the software. Kegbot is open source and the codes could be modified as such and Arduino boards support adding a solenoid to open and close the beer lines. Its all a matter of how much work you want to put into writing the features you are talking about.