Kegbot current status?

Is kegbot still alive, and is Mike still developing? I haven’t really seen much activity from him this year. I’ve been out of the loop for a while and haven’t had my Kegerator up since 2015. I have a couple of the Kegboard PCBs built and a couple blanks laying around still, is that still a working method with the app, or would I have to go with Particle at this point? Just trying to figure out the best approach if I want to get my build back up and running.

Yes and yes!, though not as active as things once were. I’ve been quite busy on other projects, but recently kicked off a new kegbot-server release:

My overall goals are to make the project more community maintained.

For v1.3, that’s primarily about cleanup, deleting cruft, and even removing a few poorly-supported features. For v1.4, my goal is to simplify the API and make it easier to build other things atop kegbot-server as a backend. Fun starts in v1.5, which is all about rebuilding the frontends to modern standards. This includes some much-needed love to the Android app.

I don’t have a release date in mind, but more eyes and of course developers can help move things along. Speaking of, there’s now a “Developers” topic here, so few free to kick off any topics there.



Great to hear. Is 1.3 stable and how can we update to 1.3?


1.3 is definitely unstable :slight_smile:

Best bet would be to wait until there is a release or prerelease, which will include upgrade instructions. Until then it’s really only suitable if you are a dev / understand the changes.

K thanks. I can wait but excited about it’s continued development.

@mike I’ll give you my first born for some updates to the front and back end!

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Hi All,

Any update on the progress of the 1.3 update? I just started to use Kegbot and eager to see the changes!

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