Kegbot firmware on arduino uno rev3


Has anyone successfully flashed the firmware onto the arduino uno rev3 and got it to talk to the kegbot app?

So far it will register the arduino when plugged in and assign it kegboard.flow0 as the controller. But no ticks will be registered.

Playing with the serial monitor the output I see is gibberish: ���x 8
just repeats over and over in different combinations of spaces, x, 8, and �

any and all help would be appreciated.

Yes, the uno rev3 works in my setup. I’m using kegberry though, not an Android tablet.

Have you tested the Arduino on its own? You should be able to hook the flow meters to it and then blow through them (gently) and see the Tx light flash. Also, there is a test signal coming off one of the pins (pin 11 or 12 IIRC) that you can then connect to the flow meter input pins. If you do that you should see Tx blink at every ~1sec.

i have the uno r3 working in my setup and talking with the app. did you make sure to wire in the 2.2k resistor from the 5v line to the data line in your flow meter? the meter won’t communicate properly without this wired in.

Thanks everyone for your replies so far.

What tablet and app version are you using?

I have a nexus 7 2012, and am just downloading the app from the playstore.

I can see the TX light on the arduino blink when I use the test pin. I also downloaded a little serial monitor app, UsbTerminal, and can see the crc output going to that app.

However whenever I open the keg app and try to do a test pour I can nothing, 0 ticks, I can’t seem to get it to register a single tick.

What flashware are you using? Could there be some strange issue with my cable? Should I try a different version of the android app? I really don’t know what else to do, any and all help is greatly appreciated.


I found that I had issues with the latest OS and the elemental x kernel. I had to flash back to an older version of the system to get full functionality. Probably unrelated to your issue but you might want to try it.