Kegbot/Kegberry went haywire

I installed Kegberry on a Pi (B+) per instructions at I have two single-tap kegbot kits for a total of 2 taps. The system was working great for the first few kegs. Now it registers a lot of extra pours and the kegs show empty when there is at least 50% left in them. In addition, I can barely use the web interface. Most of the time, nginx throws a 504 (Gateway timeout). top shows CPU pegged between gunicorn (2 processes), kegboard_daemon, and celery (2 processes). I’ve poked around the forum and didn’t see anything relevant. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Swapped in a Pi 2 model B. WAY faster. Let’s see if this helps the tour monitoring.

That can make a big difference, the RPi is somewhat underpowered. How did it go?

Its working well now!