Kegbot on Pi Zero

I got my Kegbot single tap conversion kit over a year ago and never got around setting it up. Recently I got my hands on a Raspberry Pi zero and am wondering if anyone else here has input for someone who is brand new to both the Raspberry Pi/Linux world and setting up the Kegbot. Is the Zero up to spec to run Kegberry, and is Kegberry user friendly enough for someone’s first Raspberry Pi project?

I don’t know how it compares to a Pi Zero, but I had a version 1 RPi and it was definitely not able to run Kegberry. Everything was wicked slow and there were many timeouts. It runs much better on a v2 RPi.

The v2 RPi also has issues; I’ve taken to adding a cron entry to reboot the thing every night at midnight. That seems to keep it going. I see similar issues with another RPi of mine, so I blame it more than Kegberry.

I have mine setup on RPI 2 B and its running well now. The initial setup was painless but I was having an issue with some of the pages in the admin section (error 500s) after some help from @tripub, I ran apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, and rip-update I am running smoothly.