Kegbot server on ubuntu

The RPi I was using with kegberry wasn’t cutting it so I decided to build a kegbot server on ubuntu. I eventually worked out I also needed to run the pycore and kegboard_daemon to get info from arduino to the server. All good.

I migrated my data and am happily pouring after fumbling around. I am having one issue that is annoying more than anything.

I am getting a 500 error when clicking on a keg. It returns fine through the API however not through we interface. I figure some kind of nginx issue, permissions maybe.

Help would be appreciated!

Turned on debug mode and could see it was an issue with the SQL command.

This was the solution (or workaround anyway)

If you don’t want to make any changes in your current query then follow the below steps -

ssh into your box
Type: sudo vim /etc/mysql/my.cnf
Scroll to the bottom of file and type A to enter insert mode
Copy and paste
Type esc to exit input mode
Type :wq to save and close vim.
Type sudo service mysql restart to restart MySQL.