Kegbot Server v1.3.0 Released

After 7 (!) years since our last release… Kegbot Server v1.3.0 has been released!

This is mostly a maintenance release, but unlocks future development by being, well, easier for developers to work on. It should also be a lot easier to deploy: Take a look at our new docs site, which hosts updated installation instructions.

Please report any bugs or issue on the Github issue page. It’s also no problem to start a discussion here.

Special thanks to @moad and @ttheo for their help testing the release!


Awesome stuff thanks Mike. Will give the upgrade a bash and report back!

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upgrade was a breeze!

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Awesome! Thanks again for all your help!

Mike, quick question, my original Kegbot server was lost when my back end NAS died so sucks I lost years of drinking records but entirely my fault for not having it properly backed up. In any case, one thing I noticed that’s clearly called out in 1.3.0 but I already miss is the Twitter integration, the website says contact the forum so here I am… Can I get that back? LOL :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

Sorry, one more… When trying to send email, can I do it with anonymous login rather than having to specific a login? Following the “Generic SMTP server with TLS” section of the documentation. Thanks!!!