Hello and good morning,

When i install Kegbot and want to change the kegbot-data and kegbot-settings folder locations when running the everything runs great during the process and it creates the folder and files without an issue.

But when i go to run the kegbot runserver i get this error.

You are using a non-standard settings directory
You must export KEGBOT_SETTINGS_DIR in order for Kegbot to use it

how would i export it.
By running the it creates the file in there but kegbot isn’t looking for it in the new folder i specified. its looking for the file in all three default folders it list during the setup.

so my question is how do i change kegbot to look for the file in the new folder i specified.

hope this makes sense.

thanks for your time and excellent product!

I found the file i need to edit so when i run kegbot runserver i dont get this error anymore.

Its in the virtualenv you create when setting up Kegbot.

and i edit

I just added another location where kegbot looks for the

took a while but i got there.