Kegbot Store/Hardware Update

Please see the Kegbot Blog for an important announcement about the future of the Kegbot Store. TL;DR - we’re closing out what we’ve got left & shutting it down.

However, this is by no means the end of the Kegbot Forum or Project! If anything, I’m hoping this will help refocus the project, and instead of spending time filling orders, I’ll be able to simply help improve the software and experience.

Thanks for all your support! Keep on 'botting!

Sorry to see that this was shutdown. It’s something our office could really use. Have you thought about releasing the software as open-source so others can build their own using currently available development boards?

I was clicking on the store link for a while until I went to the forum and saw you shut it down, sad to see it go.

That’s how it’s been since the beginning.