Kegbot store out of stock :(

The message on the store page says, "Kits will be back in stock week of June 1."
Can we get an update on this as the kits still show out of stock.


I am also interested to know when stocks will be replenished.


Sorry for the delay, folks. We had some trouble getting the last batch of kits to the warehouse. New ETA is June 20. Thanks for your patience!

I have a KBPM/SF800 kit that I would be willing to sell if anyone is interested.

Hey @mike, looks like the date has slipped.
Do you have an update on when kits can be expected?

Do anyone of you have some advice for me? I have successfully ordered, paid and got a tracking number. It however does not get to me.

USPS does not want to talk to the receiver only the dispatcher ]{#^*%}{[… i have tried a couple of times, but only the dispatcher can log an issue with USPS. I can’t follow up with a South African company because USPS have not handed the package over to someone.

I now got a tracking number to show for my money. (no stock is a better problem :sweat_smile:)cs

ps. Just to show my sistem… it got wheels, handles, homemade tap stand,… just waiting for the bot.

Might be best to put your comment in a new thread @Gerrit or direct it to [email protected]?

Hey @mike any update on the new stock?

Thanks for the response. I did try a seperate thread, but it got deleted. Do you think i must try again? My mails to [email protected] stays unanswered. USPS do not except or answer to ‘outside’ question. @timlhale

Back in stock

Hi Gerrit,

I’m sorry for the delay. The forum is not the place for order support. As mentioned in e-mail, most likely your order is stuck in customers. I’ve followed up with advice and offered a refund. Let’s continue the conversation through e-mail and keep the forum about the project.