Kegbot workflow problem - am I missing something? Double log-in

Hey All,
Love my kegbot(s), but something is odd. I work with a lot of folks who aren’t going to follow mega-specific directions, so here’s what happens:

  1. Walk up to kegbot, start pouring a beer (picture is captured).
  2. Finish pouring and press “Claim this pour” button.
  3. Find username in the list, click user.
  4. Another picture is captured, likely of your arm clicking your user icon

Why is another picture captured at this point? Wouldn’t it make more sense to use the original and let people retake it (that functionality exists) if they want? Unless people know to start by clicking the keg they want to pour from (less obvious on multi-keg systems and still not very obvious), the “usual” workflow ends up screwing up the pictures.

The photo capture is not the greatest, the nexus 7 shows them very dark and only captures on the first listed tap. Hopefully there will be some development on the android front end

On my Nexus 7 (actually both of them), the capture is just fine. I’d make sure your lighting is good - ours is facing a window, so the pictures look great. If it’s in a dark room, you’re probably going to get poor results.

it just displays them dark, on the actual server they are fine.

How many taps are you running on each kegerator?

two taps on one, one tap on the other. Two tablets total, connecting to the same back-end.

Ha you noticed the one one of the taps automatically takes a picture on your two tap system?

On my three tap (two kegerators, two tablets) system, the right one always takes the picture, but it may be that it’s because we have the taps from the other kegerators disabled in the right places so the tablet you’re standing in front of is only attached to the taps you’d be pouring from.