Link to credit card processor

Had anyone ever linked this to a credit card processor? There’s a bunch of guys that drink my Homebrew but come ingredient shopping day everyone is busy.

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That sucks. You can use NFC tags and then track each persons pours. Don’t let them pour until the tab is paid next time.

That’s kinda what I want, you come hang out, it cost $.xx/oz to make, swipe your card and refill the brewing coffers as you drink.

I would be careful using Credit Cards… you might get yourself into some legal troubles… COUGH COUGH …Bootlegging haha.

You could always sell the fobs and then track their usage and disable them in the software until they pay up :slight_smile:

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I’ve been wanting to do something similar. Our company shares the kegerator and we were thinking about tapping into the API to send a monthly billing email using Microsoft Flow. Each person can pony up money and send to a shared Venmo or something.

I was hoping to build this in, but I’m having trouble finding the Kegbot hardware to start working on this…