Login / Apply requests don't include specific ports in the request

I have a kegberry setup. I don’t want to open port 80 of my home network, so I’m using a non-standard port.

So to get to the website from outside the network, I would either type in http://my-IP:12345 or, since I have an AWS that has a reverse proxy setup, http://my-AWS/beer/

The issue comes when logging in. I think since I am using a non-standard port, when I click login, I get redirected to port 80, which is the port that points to my home router. If I click back, I am successfully logged in.

The same issue happens when trying to change any settings from the Admin tab. I have essentially 0 experience with web development, so I don’t know where to start looking. I’d suspect it is a php request issue or something similar, and that it could possibly be a pretty simple fix.

And I LOVE the improvements made in the past couple years. It was incredibly easy to get up and running with the kegberry. Well done!