Looking to Purchase a Kegbot


Are there any kegbots still available? Please send me an email. [email protected]


Same here… I have a kegbot for my single tap setup but want to add an additional tap so I need another system…



If you have a kegbot pro mini it will support two flow meters, just need to wire them to a single rj45 connector (Ethernet cable)


Interesting… I did not know that… Now it appears I just need to find another flow meter… Do you happen to have any links to any postings I can follow for this or should I just look around? I’m good either way.




Any of those will work… I prefer the Swiss flows myself


You rock… THANK YOU!!!



The Flow Sensor for Kegstopstore is what we sell to work with Kegbot. We picked it over the Gems because the fittings are just easier. Both will work.


For your flow meter, are there any fittings that I’d need? Or is it ready to go out of the box…



Ready to go out of the box. You can put a hose clamp on if you want a very fit connection but our internal keg we just slipped the hose on the connector.


I am new here and I am working as a developer any kind of hardware reative product this my profile page - https://forum.kegbot.org/u/davissteve
I have a my kegbot for extra tap setup but want to add an additional tap so I need another system.
thank you…


If you need another kegbot system then contact kegbot support team.