Merge kegboard into kegberry?

First off, thanks for the great project to start from. I have the kegberry itself up and running.
I was able to easily wire up a vision 2000 flowmeter to gpio 18 and then wrote a quick python script that counts interrupts for a flow count. So I’d like to just use a separate thread on the rasbpi to emulate the kegboard.

So the real questions

  1. is this possible and/or a good idea? Or even better, something that has already been done?
  2. So if I run a separate thread that just monitors the gpio and counts interrupts then what is required to emulate the kegboard? My best guess is it would sends an API packet to itself that records a drink?
  3. If I can accomplish all this, am I correct in thinking I would have full kegbot functionality, merged into the kegberry?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.