Migrate to new Ubuntu Server

So I have my kegbot running on an “old” Ubuntu server in my home lab and all of the sudden it just crashes into a corrupt disk mode and I have to restore the last nights VM backup back and alls well again… Okay so not the end of the world but I figure since it’s showing signs of disk issues, and I built it several years ago, why not move it to a new Ubuntu server?

My question is around how to migrate the data… Do I just do a backup and restore via what I believe is the built in process? Or is there another process, or issue, I should be aware of to do that? I just have years of data that I REALLY don’t want to lose…


Hey Jeff,

Build up your server and install kegbot to the point where you can access it and start configuring.

Then just follow the restore procedure and which has all of your pour history and settings too.

You might need to recover your local settings and any other .py files you’ve tweaked from your machine backup.


Thats what I was hoping to read… :slight_smile: Thanks!!!


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