Most user-friendly install?

This is an unusual situation. My mom has been spending about $500 a week buying bottled beer at the Quik-E-Mart. Obviously, she has a drinking problem. Rehab didn’t work, and she wants to try reducing her drinking at home, by monitoring it carefully, as recommended by the Harm Reduction method ( Go metrics!

So, we bought her a kegerator, to be stocked with some low-alcohol percentage beer. The next step I want to take is to install a digital monitoring device that will keep track automatically, and be able to tell her what time she had a beer, how many ounces was poured, etc so she can have some feedback. Hopefully to be able to graph it over time, sort of like a Fitbit for drinkers. From what I can tell, kegbot will do this. (Do I have this right??)

My question is this. I am somewhat computer saavy, but I don’t have any training in writing code, etc. I am seeing bits of code on the website, which is a bit intimidating. What is the most fool-proof, user-friendly way of installing kegbot? Is there a Kegbot for Dummies Guide? Or is there another system y’all could recommend?

-Hopeful in Texas

Easiest for me was to run it on digital ocean. I have a video that goes step by step in the link below

Good idea to track consumption, I found the kegberry method (using a raspberry pi) straight forward and will achieve what you are trying to do.