My Kegbot Bar Setup

Just finished building my bar last week! Got me some cold drinks a flowin.

I out the tap off to the side so people don’t have to walk behind my bar to grab a drink. I’m using the Xoom.

this is in my basement its nice to have a full kitchen also. The fridge is full of other bar related stuff and the freezer is full of mugs!


Nice setup…

I see that you are using moto xoom and i bought it as well since my samsung tab stopped responding on touch. Before it worked great exept from charging…

As for my moto xoom, it won’t detect my KBPM and i’ve tried a lot of different Cables.
i’ve root access and otg is working, can attach usb stick and a mouse.

runnig cynogenmod 11-10150725
android version 4.4.4

Anybody who could Point me in the right direction?




Installed original rom and now It’s working perfect

Im using Cyangenmod on mine. im not home but ill let ya know what version im using. for my cables i used the ones that came with kegbot.