Nexus 7 2012 - does it need rooting?

Hi folks!

I have tried rooting my Nexus 7 1:st gen (2012) but I can’t get it right. I have followed rooting instructions from many different sources without any problems, but my N7 is still not rooted (according to Root Checker anyway).

Is there any other way to get the N7 2012 to work with the KBPM and the Y-cabled sold in the store?

Under the topic “Root Nexus 7” scottresnik mention the possibility to get a new kernel with USB host mode…What does that mean and where can I find a new kernel that doesn’t need a rooted N7?


Technically yes… I feel like you are asking the wrong question but I will answer anyway. You don’t need to root your nexus 7 to run a KBPM with a Y cable. Rooting on the nexus 7 is only the process of installing supersu after unlocking the bootloader.

You do however have to unlock the bootloader and install a new kernel. I suggest Kang-aroo kernel as I think it is the only updated one with all the features needed.

To unlock the bootloader, enter fastboot on the device.

  • Power down
  • Hold Power and Vol-
  • Release when you see Start in the corner and an android
    Next you need drivers for your device, and fastboot.exe which is included in the android sdk:
    Once that is installed navigate to the directory containing fastboot in a command prompt, and type “fastboot oem unlock”
    This will unlock the bootloader. After that is done, you will need a custom recovery, which can be installed from fastboot as well. Lookup TWRP, or Clockwork Mod for Nexus 7. Once the recovery is installed you can select recovery from the fastboot menu, and flash zips that are on the device storage. Namely the kangaroo kernel above. If you wish to root, you can install at this point in recovery.

As much as I like Clockworkmod and as much as I like its dev, Koushik Dutta, I switched to TWRP about 18 months ago and never looked back. Its far superior in my opinion.

If you follow the steps outlined by @thehijjt I suggest going with TWRP when it comes time to install the recovery.

After a sleepless night and flashing stock Android 4.4.4 I finally managed to root the N7 using TWRP. Thanks for all the advice!

Anyone have a good link to kangaroo kernel? The one above appears to offer up malware and Norton deletes the file immediately.

Has anyone tried Franco.kernel or oxydo-revamped? Is Kang-aroo the only kernel that offers OTG+charging for the N7?


I couldn’t find any kernel that worked for my N7 2012 so I’m relying on my ordinary battery life :smile:
If someone can find Kangaroo kernel or some other substitute please let me know.


Same issue here. Does anyone have the kangaroo kernel that is NOT infected with malware? The md5 checksums on XDA don’t match case sensitivity wise and my av protection goes crazy when I down load.

Please help. I keep having battery die and then can’t keep proper track of pours. Oh the horror…the horror