No Controllers available & Question of SF800

Hi all,

So far I am making good progress on my build,

  1. Successfully deployed the Kegbot server to Digital Ocean and connected my tablet (Samsung 7inc tab E lite

  2. I flashed an Arduino Uno R3 with the Kegboard image, when I test Pins 2 and 12 I get a stead string of characher on the Arduino monitor (looks like squares and question marks AKA Wingdings).

After connecting the Arduino to the tablet with the cable it does not show up, i just get a Configuration error in teh app and when I go in to configure each tap there is no controller listed.

My other question is around Connecting the SF800 to the Arduino… The Diagram from the manufacturer shows a 2200 ohm resister between the 5v line and the puls line. I am not exactly sure how this is done (i know to solder it); if anyone has pictires that would really help.

Lastly, I have 2 taps and plan on connecting 2 SF800’s, but there is only 1 (or I can only see 1) 5v pin on the Arduino. Can I plug 2 SF’s into that port?

thanks in advance!


The reason that the controllers would not appear in the tablet was because the tablet I was using (Samsung Tab 3 lite sm-t110) is not OTG enabled. I went on kijiji and bought a 2013 nexus 7 and PRESTO the controllers appeared! I have not yet rooted the N7 but I will soon so I can use teh OTG and charge at the same time.

As for wiring, I went to my local hobby shop and the guy was great; he walked me through the wiring and I will post some pictures shortly of how it was done for others who want to try.

My last question was 2 flow meters on the single 5v of the Arduino… the answer was YES you can as long as you connect them in parallel and not serial.