On the road to success

I now have my Kegbot working at last. It has taken a while to figure it all out but there is nothing like drawing a beer (and a cider) from my new setup.

I am using a Raspberry Pi server, Arduino Duemilanove shield a couple of ebay cheap flow meters and a painful load of beer lines, reducers, couplings etc.

Lucky for me it is now Friday evening and I have all weekend to play at pouring a Cascade hopped beer and a dry cider to amuse myself with my new setup.

Apologies for the wiring mess, I will tidy it all up next week some time.

My next project is to complete my Keezer which will add another 4 taps to my man cave. I have failed so far to work out a way to get a Arduino Mega to talk to multiple flow meters. If anyone can I help I would appreciate it. I am more than happy to help anyone get to the point I have reached so far.

Great work Mike, thanks very much for all your hard work on this project and making it so available to all of us. I love it!

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Looking very cool, thanks for sharing!

You are welcome Mike.

I have now had the benefit of a weekend of use and love it even better now that I am seeing all the stats and data results that are made available.

What a load of fun it takes drinking beer to another level if that was possible!

Can’t wait to work out how to get my other new 4 taps up and running.

Any other UK users out there?