Opinion question

So currently I have a one tap setup with my kegbot using the “old” flow meter. The wife and I keep throwing around the idea of adding a second tap and such. My question is, would you guys swap out the flow meter that I have now with one of the “new” ones so that both taps “match” so far as the flow meter goes? My inclination is to match them up just for my own OCD reasons but… I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. :smile:


I have a three tap kegerator. I’m using two old meters, and have one newone that I plan on installing this weekend. No one ever sees the meters so who care sif the match.

Roger that, fair enough. I was just asking since different types of meters generally have different calibration settings so I was curious if it made easier to standardize on a flow meter.


You can calibrate each meter individually. So there should not be an issue… I didn’t get around to putting mine in this weekend, maybe Tuesday it will happen I’ll report any issues if they arise

There is a calibration difference between the two meters. The new ones seem to require twice as many ticks, Since the first few pints were only recording as 8 ounces. Easily fixed by running the meter calibration under “manage taps” from the app. If you are starting from a fresh install of the server this might be the reverse as I believe the newest version of the server defaults to the setting for the “new” flow meter. Either way I have not noticed any issues aside from the calibration from using two different meters.